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Add a serum for more hydration

by timetospa February 12, 2014
Add a serum for more hydration

Although your moisturizer has one core job, which is to infuse your skin with the hydration it needs to perform at its best, it might need a little extra help. Between the harshness of arid climates and the drying effects of some cleansers, it's a wonder that just one beauty product can ever be expected to repair, treat and moisturize. Fortunately, it doesn't have to.

Serums provide you with an extra burst of hydration that often reaches where your skin care regimen can't, penetrating to the deeper layers where the core of the problems, such as aging and dryness, linger. Using them is simple - all you have to do is match the serum to the primary skin concern and apply a thin, even layer over your face before you top it off with your favorite moisturizer. 

Your options for this kind of skin care are vast. For instance, if the goal is to diminish the signs of aging, try the La Thérapie Élixir Suprême Nourissant - Supreme Nourishing Facial Elixir. Its dual-action ingredients will slow down the onset of aging and will simultaneously give you an extra layer of essential hydration. 


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