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The basics of stress relief: Part 2

by timetospa February 27, 2014
The basics of stress relief: Part 2

Whether you're having a hard day at work or are feeling a little under the weather, the effects of these stressors can take their toll on your body and mind in a number of ways. From tossing and turning at night to developing dark under eye circles, there's little you can do to get back to the peak of health until you decide to take better care of yourself. Fortunately, this doesn't necessarily have to include a complete overhaul of your routine.

Simplicity is key 
Think about all the things you do to look nice in the morning. With an arsenal of beauty products, you can make yourself look fresh and clean, hiding the fact that your skin is starting to lose its luster and your eyes are puffy from lack of sleep. Instead of covering up these symptoms of stress, try soothing them from the inside. The Elemis Relaxing Collection, for instance, will help calm your muscles and relax your nerves, which will rid your body of tension and help promote a good, restful sleep. With little steps like this one toward treating yourself with the care you deserve, you'll be stress-free in no time. 


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