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More volume made easy

by timetospa March 3, 2014
More volume made easy

Although some hair types make achieving high volume looks effortless, anyone can get the same curl and bounce with the right techniques. Whether you have fine, straight hair or thick, unruly locks, all you need are a few beauty products, the right kind of determination and a vision of the style you're going for to transform your hairdo.

The art of teasing
Most of the time, the style you're going for is dependent on the length of your tresses. While this might pose a few limitations, it might just be a matter of readjusting your original idea. If you're hoping for a complex updo reminiscent of the fabulous '70s but have short, shoulder-length hair, for instance, you might have to do a little more work to give off the illusion that your hair is long enough to pull off this look. Whether fine and straight or thick and wavy, you'll want to use a volumizing spray, such as the Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair 150‚Äč ml, at the roots and tease up from the root to enliven your locks. 

Then, depending on the look, start pinning your hair up, starting from the top and working your way down. Each time you pin another piece, give it a tease and spray it again. At the end, set it with a fine mist of hairspray, such as the Phytolaque Soie XL Finishing Spray

Achieve volume with your shampoo
If you're going for a more subdued, everyday look, you can sometimes get the volume you're looking for with just a quick wash with a volumizing shampoo. The Steiner Abundance Intense Volumizing Shampoo 2000 ml, for example, gives your hair a surge of moisture in all the right places, allowing its natural waviness to shine through. Even if you have pin straight hair, using this will help lift each strand from the root by soothing the natural cuticle.

After each wash, make sure you're following it up with your favorite conditioner to keep moisture locked in place and to prevent any unnecessary breakage. Also, for better hair health, make sure you're only washing when necessary - for women with long hair, this could be anywhere from every other day to only once or twice a week. 


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