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Save your skin from the sun with these secrets

by timetospa April 22, 2014
Save your skin from the sun with these secrets

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the splendor offered by the extended sunlight. While laying out by the lake or planting pansies in the garden are great ways to enjoy the warmer weather, you should take great care when exposing your skin to the sunlight.

Watch your diet
Hydration is key when the sun is out, so be sure to bring plenty of water whenever you find yourself venturing outdoors. Reader's Digest reported that while water is arguably the most important ingredient for skin health, there are several foods that can protect your body from harmful ultraviolet rays. Oranges, lemons and limes, for example, have been linked to lower risks for skin cancer. Consider packing a light fruit salad for lunch, or brewing a delicious fruit smoothie to bring along during your exploits.

Protect your skin
The weather is just starting to warm up in certain regions of the country, so odds are, your skin is not used to the sun yet. While wearing sunblock is essential no matter what time of the year, it's especially important during the spring months, as your skin is still adjusting to seeing the sun again. Whether you're playing in the pool or reading a book outdoors, don't forget to use your Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sunblock to protect your face from the rays.


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