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'Game of Thrones' inspires new hair trends

by timetospa April 28, 2014
'Game of Thrones' inspires new hair trends

The royal court of Westeros is back and gracing the small screen with ornate outfits and dramatic 'dos. While the main characters from "Game of Thrones" may be battling each other for the coveted Iron Throne, viewers are waging their own war against their hair, trying to find the perfect way to copy the coifs they see on the screen.

Daenerys Targaryen may rely upon her handmaiden to craft her curls, but back on Earth, we have a number of hair products ideal for helping us to recreate some of the popular HBO series' most elaborate hair styles.

Braids, braids, braids
Glamour magazine reported that braids are hot this season, partially due to the unbelievable locks worn on a weekly basis by Margaery Tyrell. There are many ways you can arrange your braids this spring, from compiling them in a complicated updo to sporting a simple, singular braid similar to Elsa from "Frozen." 

Rockin' the half-pony in style
Leading ladies from "Game of Thrones" are no stranger to the half ponytail. While most look as though they may take hours to replicate, Buzzfeed broke down the basics for interested parties. To copy the Khaleesi, simply braid two strands on either side of your head, giving you four braids total. Then, attach the locks with a hairtie, and hold the look in place with the Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray 200 ml.


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