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Framing the perfect faux bob

by timetospa April 30, 2014
Framing the perfect faux bob

There are several steps involved when considering chopping your locks: curiosity, intrigue, research, and - based on the outcome - either rejoicing or regret. Women have found ways to test this look for centuries, from folding their hair in half to cutting pictures of themselves. For those who are too scared to shear, consider adopting one of Hollywood's hottest hair trends: the faux bob. 

Celebs use the faux bob to fake out 
Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel and Kaley Cuoco are all culprits of this coif. These ladies have been seen sporting the sprightly 'do, which pins back long locks in such a way that it resembles the bob. According to US Weekly, Cuoco loved her look so much that she decided to take the plunge and adopt the real thing.

Try before you buy
To create your own faux bob, begin by separating your hair in half, as if you were constructing a half pony. Next, construct a series of braids from your bottom layer, then compile them into one large braid. Find a way to twist this massive strand so that it lays flat against the back of your head, and attach it using several bobby pins. Unleash your top layer, and start tucking strands into the coil, using more bobby pins as needed. Once your look is complete, lock it in place with the Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray 200 ml


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