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Rihanna rocks a bold look at music festival

by timetospa May 2, 2014
Rihanna rocks a bold look at music festival

Pop star Rihanna raised a few eyebrows recently after her performance at the 2014 iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. While the singer made off with the Artist of the Year honor, she received a lot of press for her bold fashion choice.

The singer wore few makeup products, including a neutral eye and skin-toned blush, but the highlight of the look was the dark green shade she sported on her lips and nails. While her choice in color was brave, the 26-year-old rocked it in style, accentuating the look with a number of silver rings, necklaces and earrings.

The dark green lip color, however, was not the riskiest fashion choice she made. Rihanna fashioned her hair in a number of small, twisted buns, resembling Gwen Stefani's signature style from the '90s. The style may not be for everyone, but for those looking to recreate this coif, start by selecting small strands from your hair and twisting them between your fingers. Next, secure the twists with small hair bands, but be sure to keep those tresses tight. 

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