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Starlets show stunning locks at 2014 Met Gala

by timetospa May 6, 2014
Starlets show stunning locks at 2014 Met Gala

The 2014 Met Gala kicked off May 5, and Hollywood's hottest were there to celebrate. Some of Tinsel Town's most stylish were in attendance, sporting some of the season's most elegant looks. Two actresses stood out among the crowd, showing off hairstyles that had us reaching for our bobby pins, paddle brushes and Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel 150 ml

Emma Stone's loose side twist
When the auburn-haired beauty isn't showing off her lip syncing talents, she's rocking it on the red carpet, and the 2014 Met Gala was no exception. Emma Stone sported a simple - yet elegant - side braid, pinning back her bangs and letting her locks lay on her shoulder. For those looking to recreate the look from home, don't forget to follow in Stone's footsteps by matching your eye shade to your hair color to add a bit of pop to your peepers.

Blake Lively's tresses put us in a trance
The "Gossip Girl" star impressed the crowd with some seriously retro - and glamorous - waves. To create your own curls similar to Blake Lively's, start by selecting larger strands, then wrap 2- to 3-inch sections around a narrow flat iron for big waves.  Then, using a studded hair pin, attach half of your hair behind your ear, allowing you to expose your equally glam earrings.


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