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3 ways to wield winged eyeliner

by timetospa May 8, 2014
3 ways to wield winged eyeliner

Whether you prefer the pencil or love the liquid, eyeliner can provide a finishing touch to any look - but for those looking to up their eye-game this summer, consider wielding a winged lid. This style is especially fun for when you start sporting updos to keep your hair controlled during the hot weather, as it can add a bit of finesse to your face.

1. Channel your inner cat
Break out your Colorescience Mineral Eye Pencil - Black and trace the edges of your top lid. Once you reach the end of your eye, lightly extend the line to follow your eye's natural crease and bring the line upward, then bring it back down so it forms a sideways V. Fill in the shape for the perfect winged look.

2. Stick to the corners
Instead of tracing the entirety of your eye, stick to the corners - create the same V shape, but start the look at the ends of your lids. This style is best paired with colorful shadows and dark lashes.

3. Clone the Cleopatra
Instead of creating a full V, opt for two separate lines in the fashion of Cleopatra. After creating the top line and extending it upward, create a similar stroke on your bottom lid, but extend it downward, creating an outward facing V. Do not, however, fill this shape in.


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