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Step up your lipstick game this summer

by timetospa May 14, 2014
Step up your lipstick game this summer

As summer kicks into high gear, consider changing your lipstick routine and adopting more adventurous hues. Whether you're looking to rock one shade or three, consider the following ways to add a little flair to your face.

Form that perfect matte finish with eyeshadow
Lou Teasdale, a British makeup artist and stylist for One Direction frontman Harry Styles, explained to Elle magazine that there are a number of ways for women to get glamorous lips. She said to rock a matte look without purchasing expensive makeup products, you should first place your favorite shade on your lips, and - before it has dried - place a small amount of powder eye shadow in a sheer, neutral shade on your finger, then lightly dab it on.

Own the ombre 
Before starting this process, be sure to moisturize your lips with Elemis Lip Revive, as prepping your palette is equally important as following these steps. To rock an ombre look worthy of the red carpet, you'll need a lip liner, two lipstick shades and a brush for blending. Begin by tracing your lips with the liner, then using the darker shade around the outer edges of your lips. Use the lighter hue to color the inside of your lips, and blend the colors using the brush - but be sure to brush toward the edges to achieve the perfect color combination.


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