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Painting the best pedi for beach weather

by timetospa May 27, 2014
Painting the best pedi for beach weather

In between relaxing in the rays and wading in the warm waves, summer offers the perfect opportunity for you to parade your perfect pedi. During the next several months, don't be afraid to try out those bright and bold colors, such as pinks, yellows and greens. 

Consider the following tips when planning the ideal toe palette for baking on the beach.

Go crazy with colors
You only get to show off your toes for a couple of months each year, so be sure to primp those babies with shades that will make them pop. Opt for your brighter hues that will be illuminated by the sunlight, such as neon or light colors.

Sleek stripes for the summer
Stripes are a fun, easy addition for any set of nails, but adding this to your summer pedi routine can create extra crafty results. Consider tailoring your toes to a specific theme, such as your favorite sports team or fruit. For example, to create envy-inspiring watermelon toes, start by coating your nails in your CND Nail Colour - Pinks. Once the layer has dried, paint the top third of the surface black, but be careful, as mistakes could ruin your whole base coat. Finish the nail by painting small black dots and a final green stripe at the tip of the toe, creating a watermelon-like effect. 


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