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Rocking the long bob

by timetospa May 28, 2014
Rocking the long bob

Those with short hair may opt for the bob cut, which provides a fun bounce for people lacking long locks. However, a rising trend among those with medium-length hair is the long bob, which mimics the same attitude of the short style, but allows women to keep their lengthier tresses. 

The traditional bob features short hair in the back, with strands that get longer as they get closer to the face. Ladies with long locks looking to replicate this look should mimic this same strategy, opting for a cut that angles to the front. This type of style - shorter in the back and longer in the front - allows the bob its trademark bounce. Once your tresses have been trimmed, styling should be a breeze.

For those who want their bob to have a pop of personality, start by straightening your hair with a flat iron. When your straightener reaches the end of the strand, curl it under the cut to add a bit of curl. Garnish the look with the Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair 150ml, which will not only hold the style in place, but also add body to your bob.


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