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What's the big deal with balayage?

by timetospa June 2, 2014
What's the big deal with balayage?

Highlights are hot, whether you're opting for an ombre or leaning toward more defined streaks. According to Elle magazine, several stars are sporting balayage hair this season - a technique that adds softer highlights painted on by hand, as opposed to stark, contrasting ones made with foil.

Abby Haliti, a colorist at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York City, told Elle that highlights done in this style are best when matched to one's facial structure. 

"My favorite balayage example is my client, Olivia Palermo," she told the source. "I always give her the 'Power Highlights' service, where I literally paint six pieces of balayage around the face to accent her features and for the rest of the hair, I let the sun exposure take its natural course."

According to Vogue, the look is best when used on natural hair color, as the dye can better set with noncolored shades. The source added that since the style relies upon varying hues and colors, it's best paired with longer locks.

While adding fun highlights to your hair is a great way to show off your fun side in the sun, it's important to keep your new strands hydrated following a coloring treatment. Using a hair product, such as the Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo, is key for both keeping your locks luminous and locking in your luscious new look.


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