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Adding effortless braids to your updo

by timetospa June 4, 2014
Adding effortless braids to your updo

Braids are a fun addition to any pony, whether you're opting for an ornate French braid or using strands to add a bit of style to your look. Along with designer gowns, braids are one of the hottest accessories worn by stars on the runway this season. 

Popular television series like "Game of Thrones" have shown how delightful these adornments can be for your 'do, so when you're recreating styles at home, heed these simple tips when tinkering with your tresses.

Add braids to your side pony
Anna Kendrick, star of "Pitch Perfect," recently stepped out with a simple side pony, accentuated by large loose waves that framed her face. While her bold turquoise earrings added flair to the 'do, the three simple braids on the left side of her head attracted glances on their own. When creating a similar style, be sure to stock up on bobby pins and your Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray 200 ml, which will keep the braids in place as you go on with your day.

Braid in the front
One hot look this summer is adding your braid to the front of your face, instead of allowing it to fall in the back or pinning it to the side. Pick a one to two inch strand of hair on the right side of your head, then wrap it across the top of your head.


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