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Achieving a fuller brow

by timetospa June 11, 2014
Achieving a fuller brow

Much like hair fashions that come and go, eyebrow trends continue to shift over the years. While thinner brows were preferred in the '90s, fuller styles have become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to influencers like Cara Delevigne and Brooke Shields.

For women looking to flush out their brows, there are several options to consider. For those who want to alter the physical shape, begin by growing out the area - refrain from over plucking, but be sure to keep the area tidy by getting rid of stray hairs or those growing in excess above the eye. Cosmopolitan recommends taking a clean mascara brush, pushing the hair upwards and plucking any strays. 

While grooming your brows is important, choosing the right makeup products is equally so. Once you've cleaned your brows, grab your Colorescience Brow Palette and get to work. Start by brushing a slightly lighter shade on the foundation, then accent the area with a darker color. This ensures your brows have a bit of dimension, as well as that fuller shape you're looking to create. Finish by brushing the brows again, ensuring all strands fall in the same direction.


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