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Making the most with few products

by timetospa June 16, 2014
Making the most with few products

We all have those mornings where all we want to do is stroll into work wearing little more than our favorite updo and a bit of blush. For those days where you aren't in the mood to pile on the makeup products, consider these small ways to boost the impact of your minimized beauty routine:

Leave it up to the lips
Instead of utilizing your entire arsenal of beauty products, opt for a more natural glow with a pop on your  pout - select skin toned shades for your eyes and cheeks, but opt for a bright hue to accentuate your lips. Try for a hot pink or deep red, then before you leave for your morning commute, top it off with the Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper, which will add significant volume.

Entrance with the eyes
Break out your favorite eyeliner and mascara, because now's the time to take advantage of those eye tips you found on Pinterest. Make your eyes the focal point of your makeup routine, opting for a refined cat eye or simple smoky tint to bring definition to the area. Be sure to top off the look with a bit of silver eyeshadow in the crook of your eyes, as this can add a bit of shimmer to your lids.


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