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3 things to learn from Nicki Minaj's makeover

by timetospa June 25, 2014
3 things to learn from Nicki Minaj's makeover

Once known for her neon hair, brazen bold eye additions and elaborately colored ensembles, rapper Nicki Minaj made headlines recently after overhauling her entire appearance. Pink hair was replaced with more natural locks while yellow eyeshadow became subtle brown combinations.

Looking to adopt a similarly classic style? 

Embrace your natural color
Subtle highlights or slight alterations to your natural color may be fun, but to follow in Minaj's footsteps, embrace the colors you were born with. Sticking to simpler colors, like blondes, browns or reds, may also give you a more professional appearance in the workplace. 

Rely on your strongest features
Minaj may have dropped the crazy colors, but she hasn't stopped accentuating her most beautiful facial features. When planning which makeup products to use, Minaj sticks to highlighting her lips and eyes, both of which require little to stand out.

It's all in the eyes
The blue eyeshadow is gone but the cat eyes remain. In one image the singer posted to her Instagram, she can be seen with a streak of eyeliner that extends far beyond her lid - in fact, it comes close to reaching the end of her eyebrow. If you want to create a similar style at home, be sure to load up on your Colorescience Mineral Eye Pencil - Black.


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