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How to rock a summer bob

by timetospa July 1, 2014
How to rock a summer bob

The latest summer hair trend is definitely taking the plunge to go a little shorter. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence have proved that a bob doesn't have to be drab or aging if properly styled. Whether you are daring enough for a pixie or opt for a longer, layered bob, summer is the best time to update your look. 

Before you think about what products to use, the first step takes place at the hairdresser. Depending on the texture of your hair, certain cuts may flatter more than others. If you have sleek, thin hair, opt for a cut with a side-swept bang or a graduated cut that's a bit shorter at the nape of the neck. If your hair has some natural wave to it, try a single-layer bob, creating texture by snipping the very ends of the hair to leave the look uneven and a bit tousled. 

Once your look is freshly cut, you will need to employ a totally different arsenal of hair products to maintain your long tresses. Heavy texturizing creams are a must for short hair. In this case, it is better if your locks look piecey and defined instead of one mass of hair. Try the Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy to separate your strands and create the perfect messy look. If you want a sleeker style, make sure you apply the Dire Straights Flat Iron Straightening Lotion before using your straightener to protect your ends from the heat. Either way, a shorter cut can be a versatile and chic look for the summer. 


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