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Get the most out of your manicure

by timetospa July 8, 2014
Get the most out of your manicure

There is nothing more relaxing than treating yourself to a trip to the nail salon. You get pampered and your nails look fantastic afterwards. The stress sets in, however, as soon as you get home. It seems as though there are dangers everywhere, threatening to ruin your perfect mani.

One way to protect your polish is to make sure you are letting it dry all the way before you leave the salon. In today's society, we're always in a rush to be somewhere. Enjoy your time at the salon and make sure your nail polish is solid before you leave. 

When you are getting you manicure, make sure your nail stylist puts on a top coat. Most salons do, but it is important to ensure you don't skip this step. After a few days, add an extra top coat at home. Try CND Vinylux Top Coat to secure your stylish nails.

Getting a gel manicure can be one of the best ways to keep your color longer. This special nail polish lasts longer than the normal kind - about two to four weeks.

Once you are home, try to avoid jamming your fingers, although that is easier said than done. Also, avoid letting your nails soak in water. Doing so encourages nail polish to peel. Wear gloves when doing anything with water, such as washing dishes.


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