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Find the perfect red lipstick for you

by timetospa July 14, 2014
Find the perfect red lipstick for you

Rock those red lips in style. Every woman has the ability to wear red, so it's all about finding the right shade. From dark maroon to bright poppy, there are a million different shades out there. Find the perfect one for you.

For those with lighter skin and yellow undertones, cooler pinks should be traded in for a warm darker red, which provides a classy and elegant look. Ladies with pinker undertones might opt for a brighter cherry red, which will make their lips pop.

Those with a darker complexion can wear brighter colors that will really stand out. Darker maroons and cooler shades give any wearer a more dramatic, nighttime look.

In addition to choosing a color that goes well with your skin tone, you should try and match the rest of your style. For example, a charismatic bright red shade should be paired with equally colorful eye makeup. Try adding a second coat of mascara. You don't want your lips to be the only focus point of your look.

When the day has come to an end, try Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover to take off your makeup and help ensure your lips are ready for tomorrow's exciting look.


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