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Help your skin look its best now

by timetospa January 16, 2013
Help your skin look its best now

Having a glowing complexion free from imperfections and issues like oil slicks and blemishes is a desire for most women. However, achieving this dream can sometimes be easier said than done. Even though most ladies can agree that they don't like every aspect of their complexion, Women's Health magazine recently discussed ways to get over the most common skin woes using beauty products.

Go natural
One of the best ways to instantly enhance how you look is to take a peek at what is in your current makeup and skin care products. In this day and age, more information is coming out on the harmful effects certain chemicals and ingredients can have, so it may be best to switch out some of your current creams and lotions for more natural, or organic-based products.

It might be a good idea to invest in a skin care product like La Therapie Creme Hydratherapie Intensive Hydration Cream for all skins, since it works to repair and nourish most skin types. The cream contains amisomes of gingko biloba to protect the skin from free radicals, while also saturating the area with moisture. Using a product like this every day may keep your skin feeling healthier and better with little effort.

It's never to early to use anti-aging products
Some younger women might assume they don't need to start worrying about fine lines and wrinkles until much later in life, but in fact, the key to avoiding these problems altogether is by starting the prevention regimen early on.

"Even women in their twenties should be using a topical retinoid - unless they're pregnant or nursing," a dermatologist in New York City told Women's Health. She went on to say retinoids contain vitamin A, which is one of the top fighters against sun damage and other signs of aging.

Using Bliss products like Bliss Firm, Baby, Firm could be a good place to start. This cream boasts gardenia stem cells and phyto-retinoids that work to boost collagen and elasticity in your face. The product helps to plump up sunken-in areas from the inside out, while working to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Another helpful cream to try out is the La Therapie Creme Hydralift Intensive Lifting Cream for face and neck since this anti aging cream works to lift and firm the skin on your face and neck while improving its texture.


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