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3 free phone applications that help keep your skin health in check

by timetospa March 12, 2013
3 free phone applications that help keep your skin health in check

The spring and summer months are almost here, and even if you're eagerly awaiting the chance to sun in the backyard or hit the beach for some volleyball and body surfing, keeping your skin out of the sun for extended periods of time is key to keeping wrinkles and skin cancer at bay. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, there are new apps made for smartphones and tablets that can help alert you when it's time to apply sunblock or hit the shade. 

Coppertone app
The Coppertone My UV Alert app can tell you how intense the UV rays are in your area. This app, created by the trusted sun care brand, allows users to plug in their zip codes so that it will send them the current UV levels in their region. You'll also get the forecast for your area and a bit of advice on the clothing you should wear for that day to stay protected from the harmful rays. 

Ladies who tend to forget to re-apply their sunscreen products after the first application may also benefit from the alert section that will go off to remind you when it's time for another coat. 

The UMSkinCheck app was created by scientists from the University of Michigan, and this option asks for users to upload a picture of any moles they have so the pictures can be kept as a baseline. Users are then asked to take more pictures of the moles in a few months to look for any changes. The second feature of this app is its risk calculator section. Here, users can list personal information to let them know their odds of developing skin cancer. 

Mollie's Fund app
Have You Checked Your Skin Lately? is an app created by the nonprofit Mollie's Fund, a group that aims to spread skin cancer awareness in the name of Mollie, a young woman who died of melanoma. This simple and easy-to-use application is set up in a flip-book style, teaching users how to check their skin for problem areas. The hope is people will use and detect certain changes so they can visit their dermatologist before a major issue occurs. 

Knowledge is power
Even though using applications are great for keeping your skin health in check, actually applying sunscreen and spending less time in direct sunlight is key in skin cancer prevention. You can easily avoid forgetting to apply sunscreen all year by investing in Bliss products like Bliss Fabulous Everyday Face Lotion SPF 15, since this daily face cream comes standard with some SPF protection. 


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