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Repurpose products to reinvent your look

by timetospa December 16, 2013
Repurpose products to reinvent your look

No matter how many products we own, that one touch of glam always seems to be missing from our makeup bags. We follow the rules and we refine our techniques, but that feeling that something's missing is fairly typical of the girl on the go. Few realize, however, that they might already own the missing ingredient. Although it's just as easy to buy new makeup products, there's no harm in taking stock of the things you already own and seeing how it might work in alternative ways.

If all you have is a matte palette and a highlighter, here are a few quick and handy tips for taking your look to the next level for less:

Use highlighter for depth and contour
A simple highlighter can be transformed into a depth-enhancing tool for augmenting matte shadows. Rather than buying the same matte palette in a collection of shimmers when you want a more radiant look, take a small dab of highlighter and gently dust it over the eyes. The light-refracting particles in the highlighter will provide more dimension to the eye shape, and for artists who have a practiced hand at crafting brows, a little of this pigment can be used just along the brow line to cast a natural glow.

Matte browns can double as brows
If you're almost ready to head out for an evening but suddenly realize that your favorite brow pencil is gone, don't fret. Any brown matte eye shadow that matches your natural hair color can be used, and in fact, when applied with a liner brush or a thin cotton swab, the pigment sits almost as well as a textured fiber brow powder. With this technique, however, less is more - use the pigment sparingly to avoid fall-out later on, and for staying power, set the brows with a makeup finishing mist. 

Use an eye shadow to contour
When a look needs a little something extra but there's no bronzer in sight, a shadow palette with the right shade will also do the trick. The Colorescience Mineral Eye Shadow Palette - Timeless Neutrals, for instance, comes in a range of colors that are perfect for dusting on a natural-looking depth. Use a fluffy, wide-bristled brush to prevent the thicker pigment from streaking, and then set it the way you would normally finish a bronzer. 


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