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Fend off the symptoms of aging with skincare

by timetospa December 20, 2013
Fend off the symptoms of aging with skincare

Squinting and narrowed eyes are par for the course in a world filled with tiny screens. Now that most of our new technologies require long hours of peering intently at one two-dimensional plane of glass, reading and scanning light-focused documents, our eyes are taking a beating - and so is the skin around them. 

Whether from smiling or frowning, squinting or laughing, gravity and our natural facial expressions are tugging at the little muscles near our orbital bones, pulling our skin into tiny creases over time. With so many things just begging for us to develop crow's feet, it's important that we're fighting back with our own anti aging skincare regimens. 

Anti aging skin care regimens that last
Let's face it. We'll never be able to avoid all the things that cause us to age, and who would want to? Smiling is a beautiful part of life that should be done whenever and wherever possible, without fear of developing smile lines. Instead of striving against displays of emotion, try to implement different solutions to the problem that don't involve giving anything up. For instance, start with your routine. Now that cosmetic companies are getting savvier about the ingredients we can use to naturally support collagen health, more products are beginning to contain the basics of anti-aging. 

Every step in your skin care regimen can help work against the sands of time. Even your cleanser, which many assume is just a way to scrub away makeup and daily grime, can contain important anti aging skin care benefits, such as glycolic acid and different forms of retinol. When paired with serums and toners that have complementary anti aging benefits, such as the Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner 50ml, you'll have a double dose of energy-rich ginseng and a burst of hydration to offset the drying properties of the strong anti aging ingredients. 

More hydration for aging eyes
Don't forget the first-wave signs of aging - the eyes. Most experts agree that the time to start preventative anti aging skin care routines is around 25, for both men and women. If you're already seeing the beginnings of crow's feet, opt for an eye cream that is thick and hydrating, such as La Thérapie Gel Intensif Yeux Intensive Eye Gel for tired Eyes. Use it morning and night and pair it with a dot or two of your favorite under eye concealer to hide the symptoms of aging completely. 


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