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Highlight your eyes with a corner sparkle

by timetospa February 14, 2014
Highlight your eyes with a corner sparkle

If you've ever wanted a quick and easy way to highlight your eyes, this might be the look for you. With just a splash of color, you can take an otherwise natural look to the next level, augmenting the color of your eyes and bringing focus to the shape of your brows. How? The following tips hold all the answers. 

Start with a nude complexion
For this look, the focus is on the eyes. If blush and bronzer are part of your beauty product staples, leave them out for now and opt instead for a smooth, creamy foundation. The Colorescience Sheer Creme Foundation, for instance, will give you a silky finish that's easy to blend. 

Tame your brows
As part of this look is targeted toward highlighting your eyes, make sure your brows have been filled in, trimmed and combed as necessary so as not to detract from the shadow. 

Begin at the corners and blend out
Now the fun begins - with a light-colored shadow, such as the gray or metallic white in the Colorescience Mineral Eye Shadow Palette, angle the brush toward the inside corner of your eyes and gently pull it across the middle of each lid. The pigment should fade as the brush deposits color, and you'll use this highlight to blend into other shadows as necessary. The last step is to perform the same sweeping action along the lower lid, almost as if it were a liner, so that the shadows stretch from the corner. 

Voila! You can mix and match this look with other shadows for more effects. 


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