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Considering a new fragrance?

by timetospa February 28, 2014
Considering a new fragrance?

The purpose of a fragrance isn't to mask your natural scent; rather, perfumes and colognes are meant to complement your style with a new impression. In most cases, the notes in your favorite eau de toilette will blend with your skin's chemistry after approximately 10 minutes, revealing how they'll interact with your body specifically. That's right - a fragrance worn on your friend will likely smell different than when you put it on. 

A note on perfumes
When perfumers craft new products, they take special care when combining ingredients so that every nuance fits together in the final composition. If you're looking for something musky with forest notes, for instance, the fragrance might contain hints of florals and a dash of sage, but it would be light in citrus. No matter what you choose, try to wait a minimum o an hour before you make your final opinion as it often takes at least this amount of time before the full base notes to manifest. 

If you're looking for the perfect perfume to add to your beauty products, try the Elemis Eau de Parfum Exotic. Its exotic notes are bound to complement your evening beautifully. 


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