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Tips for maintaining the midi-cut

by timetospa April 1, 2014
Tips for maintaining the midi-cut

A hair style that's seeing a resurgence of attention this season is the mid-length cut. Not only is it a trendy way to keep some length without risking going overboard with beauty products, but it will give you a chance to keep some style options in your quest for the perfect updo. Now that wavy, texturized hair is in, here are a few tips you can use to get the most out of this look:

Use a styling spray
With this cut, you can let your hair fly free without it feeling too heavy. Make sure, however, that you're keeping a styling edge. Try using the Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel 150ml to really add lightweight texture to your locks. Damp or dry, just spray a little directly onto your hair and use your fingers to work it through. Then, depending on how much texture you're hoping to achieve, twist a few strands to add waviness. 

Go natural
Letting your hair fly free, without any products, can be relieving indeed. It can also be scary, unless you know how to do it. With a mid-length haircut, try blowing out your hair with a light coating of Steiner Gloss Mist Shine Spray 100ml. The heat protectant will keep your follicles healthy, and the extra shine will leave you with a boost to your look.


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