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How to do the perfect cat eye

by timetospa July 8, 2014
How to do the perfect cat eye

The most on-trend makeup look right now is the cat eye. Perfectly retro and chic, this style may be difficult for beginners, but with some practice you'll be swooshing liner across your lashes like a pro. 

A cat eye is flattering on all different eye shapes, though the technique varies a bit depending on how much of your lid is visible when you're looking forward. You can play around with the intensity of the actual winged part of the liner to figure out what suits your eye shape best. To begin, start with a color-rich liner like the Colorscience Mineral Eye Pencil or your favorite makeup products. Draw the line as close to the lashes as possible from the middle of your eye to the inner corner. For this step, it's best to start out on the thin side so you have the choice to thicken the line later if you wish. 

Start lining the outer half of your eye and simply extend the line past the edge of your eyelashes. From this starting line, you can draw the pencil back at an angle to the middle of your eye and fill in between the two lines. The empty space between the lines will be bigger if you want a thick wing, or thinner if you are going for a more delicate shape. Finish the look with a swipe of mascara. 

If you are finding it difficult to match the wings, Refinery 29 suggested making a small mark where your wings will end on both eyes, so they'll be symmetrical. If you are also having issues with a gap in between the liner and your lashes, delicately use a liquid liner and make small dots in between the individual lashes. This trick will fill in the space and also make your lashes look fuller, even without mascara. 


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