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3 ways to style your silk scarf

by timetospa July 29, 2014
3 ways to style your silk scarf

Nothing will add more style to your hair this summer than a colorful scarf. Bright silk scarves are all the rage this summer and there are many exciting styles you can achieve with them. Try one of these three looks for a new idea.

  • Open your scarf up and use it to cover the top of your hair. Wrap it fully around your head and tie it off with a bow on top. This look is a throwback to the '40s and will give you a look of old- fashioned class.
  • Tie your scarf around your head without tucking it under your hair. Let the loose ends fall behind you, adding a blast of color to your hair. This hippie-style look is fun and playful.
  • The look described above can also be tied under your hair. You won't see the ends of the scarf and it will seem as if you are wearing a headband. If you are looking for classy and simple, this is the style for you. 

There are endless ways to style a scarf, it's all about finding the look you like best. To finish up, bobby pins and hair products will secure your scarf and look. Try Phytolaque Soie XL Finishing Spray to keep your style in place all day.


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