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Sensitive? Stay that way!

by timetospa November 12, 2012
Sensitive? Stay that way!

Is your skin dry, red, splotchy or stinging? If you're not sunburned or wind-chapped, chances are you're experiencing the symptoms of sensitive skin. When the dry winter air starts rolling in and the even-drier air from your heaters starts blowing, it can take a hit on even the toughest skin. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true tricks to keep sensitive skin looking youthful.

Sensitive-skinned ladies face challenges when it comes to anti aging skincare. You can't use retinol, the extra-drying chemical known for its collagen-boosting benefits, and should stay away from harsh exfoliants for fear of stripping your skin raw. The best anti aging skincare products for sensitive skin contain humectants to seal in moisture. The Laboratoire Remède Alchemy Cleansing Concentrè is a good product to start with, since it cleanses and exfoliates while infusing the skin with hydrating humectants.

Always wear sunscreen to prevent the signs of aging from making themselves known on your sensitive skin. Women's Health Magazine reports that the tiniest amount of sun can cause stinging photosensitivity for those with sensitive skin - ultraviolet light mutates proteins in the skin and damages skin cells. Not to mention, these UV rays cause collagen to break down, making skin more likely to wrinkle. Although everyone should wear sunscreen every day, sensitive-skinned ladies may want to choose specialized sunscreen products have at least SPF 20. La Thérapie Soin Solaire Complet - Sunscreen for all skins, which has SPF 30.


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