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Don't let holiday travel wreck your complexion

by timetospa December 10, 2012
Don't let holiday travel wreck your complexion

If you are traveling to spend this holiday season with friends and family, you might already be dreading the dry air of the airline cabin. This recycled air doesn't just feel dehydrating - it actually is. This means when you step off the plane, your body feels "blah," and your skin looks it. That is, unless you take steps to combat the cabin culprit.

One of the best things you can do is skip coffee and alcohol when they are offered to you on the flight. These beverages are diuretics, and will dehydrate you even more. Instead, ask for water each and every time, and bring your own bottle on so you can continually sip. The added bonus of this is that it forces you to get up and stretch your legs during a long flight!

It can also help to bring moisturizer on the plane with you. Boston dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch told Parade Magazine that something with a greater emollient is what you want to look for. Try La Thérapie Graines de Jeunesse Pearls of Youth for stressed skin. This anti aging skin cream has avocado oil and camellia oil to nourish and hydrate the skin. It's less than 4 ounces, so you can take it on the plane with you and arrive at your destination looking as merry as you feel.


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