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Beauty habits to live by

by timetospa January 7, 2013
Beauty habits to live by

When it comes to beauty routines, most women have their go-to beauty products that they swear by. Whether it be using the same anti aging moisturizer or tools for reducing eye wrinkles, there is no shortage of tips and tricks for looking your best. Self magazine recently discussed the habits ladies should live by in order to keep a youthful glow.

Leave pimples alone
Feeling a new blemish pop up can be a nightmare, and most women are guilty of picking at the spot. However, we all know this only leads to the spot becoming red and irritated, looking worse than it was at the start. Instead of poking and prodding, it may be a better idea to try placing a warm face cloth over the pimple to help reduce the pressure and help it heal, the news outlet reports.

Investing in a product like Bliss No Zit Sherlock Spot Treatment might also be a good idea. Simply apply a bit of the gel directly on the pimple to help it reduce in size and go away faster. The mix of salicylic acid along with other key ingredients unclogs pores and prevents future oil slicks as well.

Wash your makeup brushes
Some ladies don't wash their makeup brushes as often as they should. However, doing so can actually prevent problems from forming on your skin. Not only do these brushes soak up the grease and other imperfections on your complexion, but they also get filled with pollution in the air that could lead to breakouts.

Self reports you should try and give your brushes a thorough clean at least once a month. The best way to do so is to soak them in dish soap for a few minutes and then rinse them well. Always lay brushes out flat to dry in order to protect the base.

If you've invested in a brush and product in one, like the Colorscience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore, you'll need to be a bit more careful when cleaning. Try to gently wash the bristles without allowing the water to mix in with the blush.

Other tips to start up this year include reading the expiration dates on your beauty and hair products, since using such items after they've expired can be detrimental to your skin's health.


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