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Normatec 3 Legs


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Normatec 3 Legs
Normatec 3 Legs Normatec 3 Legs Normatec 3 Legs Normatec 3 Legs
The Normatec 3 is the latest edition in our iconic line of therapeutic massagers that have been chosen by athletes around the world for their superior massage therapy and personalized care. It features 7 levels of dynamic air compression, and patented precision pulse technology which helps increase circulation while revitalizing muscles after exercise or long days at work; plus ZoneBoost™ gives you a deep relaxation session all over your leg

Normatec's 3’s refreshed system design features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features through Bluetooth-connected Hyperice App. Simply zip in for high performance with low energy consumption.

Designed by an MD, PhD, Normatec is the original, most tested, and most scientifically backed dynamic air compression system on the market. Normatec’s revolutionary systems are designed to give you better mobility and profound restorative healing results. These top of the line pieces have been used by world-class athletes as well as people all over looking for ways in which they can improve their wellness, so why not join them?
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