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Support that ensures the show goes on.

Synonymous with beauty, ballet dancers are graceful athletes, but to make their craft appear effortless they depend on their satin bound, delicate pointe shoes to provide them with unfaltering support.

Pointe shoes become a part of a dancer’s unique “footprint.” They are the most significant tool dancers rely on to perform. Constructed from paste, cardboard, paper, and fabric, pointe shoes typically break down easily and do not endure for more than a few rehearsals — and sometimes for only one performance.

A professional ballerina can dance through 100-120 pairs of pointe shoes and at a cost of $125 per pair, dancers can collectively spend more than $20,000 on shoes in one season alone. Once they become soft and unstable, they must be replaced or the dancer risks a career-ending injury. This is a financial burden that has become increasingly harder to bear returning to work post pandemic lockdowns.

The Pointe Shoe initiative raises critical funds to ensure dancers are equipped with a shoe supply abundant enough to match the demands of rehearsals and performance schedules.

TIMETOSPA has selected Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami (DDTM) as our first organization to donate to on our site. The arts is a part of our culture. Ballerinas dance into our hearts and serve our communities through their beautiful year-round performances.

DDTM dancers are eagerly resuming their classes, rehearsals, and performances. Your donation to “Project Pointe” Dancer Shoe Fund is a wonderful way to directly impact and show support for the ballet dancers and the hard work put into creatively impacting the world with so many inspiring performances. It will ensure DDTM is able to provide their dedicated dancers with the essential tools they need to stay healthy and actively dancing throughout the year.

Help us keep ballet dancers on their toes. Donate $5, $25 or $125 (the cost of a pair of pointe shoes) at check-out and join us in preserving the arts.


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